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Time is finite- Strive to choose QUALITY over QUANTITY

With adulthood comes the need to prioritize how we spend our time and who we spend it with. Deciding which battles to fight and knowing when to walk away. We are all busy, juggling a myriad of roles and responsibilities while still trying to enjoy life. Time is finite and is our scarcest, most precious resource. Once we accept this we must endeavor to choose quality over quantity. - Quality not quantity in our friendships and relationships. -Quality time with our kids and those we care about. Being present, in the moment. -Quality in the work we do. Less “busywork”and more focused outcomes. -Quality in the things we spend our money on. -Quality in how we spend our free time and who we spend it with. -Quality time with ourselves. Stillness, reflection, introspection. -Quality in the things we say. Measured in our speech. -Quality over Quantity in what we put into our bodies. When we strive to do this, it’s freeing. There’s less guilt for working outside the home, less time spent doing things we don’t want to, we are less frazzled , less bloated, our homes are less cluttered and we feel more in control of our time. As fall approaches and we start to plan the post-summer reset, let’s strive to choose Quality over Quantity. You’ve got this Toyin 💪🏿 

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