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NO/nope/nah/uh-uh/no way/nay/not possible/not happening/NO

As I’ve gotten older, I have embraced the word NO. It’s a powerful, single syllable, 2 letter word that conveys a message , no modifiers or qualifiers needed. I say NO often- no maybes,ifs,buts or apologies.

I say NO because...

1. It is my responsibility to know my limits and to set my boundaries.

2. I owe it to myself to optimize and preserve my physical and mental health and well-being.

3. Saying NO allows me to spend more time doing the things that matter to me and with the people I care about.

#knowyourlimits #NOisnotabadword #selfcare Do you say NO? Why do you say NO? #whyIsayNO

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