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12 reasons Single moms are the real CEOs - Fortune500 companies are you listening?

Most Moms rock at these and have the skills to run the World but single moms get extra credit!!! Here’s why.... 1. They Perfected the art and science of multitasking and prioritization. 2. They can Transition from good cop to bad cop to good cop seamlessly and without breaking a sweat. 3. They are Often engaged in High stake negotiations with kids and many times with an ex spouse or partner. 4. They Manage complex emotionally charged situations while keeping their own emotions in check for the greater good. 5. Able to effectively network in new environments , neighborhoods, new school districts to give their kids the best available. 6. Extremely Resourceful and able to discover previously undiscovered talents and resources. 8. Unparalleled time management and resource allocation skills. 9. Astute financial managers sometimes with limited or flexible resources. 10. Always the fiercest protectors, cheerleaders, advocates and supporters of those under their watch. 11. Outstanding Talent Development gurus who know the sacrifices they make for their kids will have a great ROI. 12. They Accept that situations change and life is not perfect but giving up is never an option. To all the single moms out there- hats off to you. You are the Real CEOs and MVPs. If you know or love a single mom, text her/call her and let her know she rocks! Best, Toyin  

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