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YOUR best or THE best?

Do you strive to be the best at everything? Some things? Any thing? Reality check- we have to acknowledge the fact that we really can’t be best at everything or even somethings. In the tiniest, minuscule probability you could be the best at 1 thing and that usually takes years and years of practice, dedication, commitment and incredible sacrifices. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss that need to be the the best at work, have the best body, the best house, be the best mom ever, the best spouse, the best friend, etc. Not a great idea! That mindset leaves you drained, constantly in competition with others and keeps you always feeling one step behind. Your successes and values are defined by others since you have set the calibration against others. Instead , strive to do your best and be your best self each day. when you recalibrate the measures, you make yourself the competition. Your goal is to be a better, wiser version of you each day. You put in your best in relationships, friendships , parenting, at work. You thirst for knowledge and ways to make yourself better and you are not demoralized by the success of others. You figure out how to channel your failures into positive and powerful lessons. You dedicate and commit yourself to things that matter and you make sacrifices for the people and causes you care about. This goal to do YOUR best and be the best YOU is a daily, never ending, lifelong process. That mindset makes each day an opportunity to learn, grow and do better. So, my friends, do YOU like no one else can. You’ve got this Toyin 💪🏿 

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