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Be Present in the present- It’s where you are.

Living your best life requires balancing the past and the future with your feet firmly planted in the present. A balanced life makes the present the focal point, the fulcrum.  It is important to grow from our past experiences and to plan for the future,  however we have to live and thrive in the present.

The past is filled with successes , failures, triumphs and regrets. The past is done and can never be taken back. The future is unknown and filled with uncertainty and its share of triumphs and failures. The future is definitely not a given. The present is what we have been given and is where we are right now.

Focusing too much on the glories or failures of the past can stop you from moving forward and leave you feeling stuck. Focusing too much on the future, filled with its unknowns can make you angsty and overly anxious . This can also stop you from moving forward and leave you feeling stuck. When you make the present the fulcrum, you are able to accept and make the best of difficult situations. You are thankful for the successes of the present and take nothing for granted. You tell (and show ) the people you love in real time and pursue your passions fervently. You know soon enough the difficulties and glories will be In the past. So, my friends, thrive in the present, while reflecting on the past and earnestly looking forward to the future. You’ve got this💪🏿 Toyin

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