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REST! What is it good for?- Absolutely EVERYTHING

REST is necessary to optimize your performance-at work, at home, in life. REST is not a sign of weakness but an essential part of living your best life. Industries and corporations know this and ensure that pilots and long distance truck drivers have work hour regulations and scheduled rests/no-fly periods. Physicians in training have mandatory oversight and regulation of work hours. Why? Because mistakes made by overworked, tired and stressed workers impact others and can lead to accidents, even deaths.

As a mother, you are raising the next generation and many days, it is not a walk in the park. You need REST. REST is not giving up, it is not being weak and it is definitely not a sign of failure. Taking time to REST is a sign of strength. It is a sign that you are confident in your abilities and know that taking time to REST does not diminish any of that. REST renews your body, mind and soul, allows you to optimize your performance, makes you more engaged and creative, allows you to be present in the moment and makes you more open to constructive criticism and opportunities around you. REST makes you a kinder person, a better mom.

If you are already inclined to take breaks, continue to do so. If you need to schedule REST periods do it. Time off to REST does not have to be a vacation getaway or an expensive spa day. Simple things like naps, sitting by the water or in a park or lying on a blanket outside. For some it’s scheduling time for monthly massages, coffee with a friend or just being still and quiet in your room. I love naps and make time to nap on weekends- all phones, TV off. However you chose to REST, do it guilt-free- you deserve it. So, REST, what is it good for? R-Revitalizes YOU! E-Energizes YOU! S-Sustains YOU! T-Tunes YOU up! Take time to REST and see how much better you feel.

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