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#Emptynestloading- Accepting things I cannot Change.

As my babygirl leaves for college in 2 weeks (heartache), I know she will thrive but I will miss her terribly. Just getting used to babygirl 1 being away and i know this will be MUCH harder. Change is difficult ( and there will be tears), but In the spirit of accepting things we cannot change, I am reaching deep to find and focus on the positives. Here are 12 Things I am looking forward to: 1. Having a Toyin-centered schedule 2. decluttering my home 3. Finally cutting cable. 4. Volunteering more 5. Traveling even more 6. Sleeping in a LOT 7. Cooking even less 8. Writing more 9. Taking guitar lessons 10. Finally Mastering Spanish 11. Visiting /planning trips with my babygirls 12. Eagerly awaiting holidays and long weekends when my babygirls come back home. Toyin Falusi- 8/8/18 #thrivingafterdivorce #emptynestloading For the empty nesters and soon to be empty nesters, what are you looking forward to? What did you do more off? Less off? Start ?.... 

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