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I’ve got ALL my SISTERS with me!

Sisterhood, the first word in SPARE me is more than a word. It is a living , breathing movement . I have amazing biological sisters who rock but with my recent Promotion/new role, I felt the meaning of the larger sisterhood to the core. And wow! that network is powerful, inspiring, empowering and downright amazing. I got congratulatory messages from a lot of people, women and men and truly appreciate it all but i gotta say, the sisterhood was and is real!

From friends who believed in me while I waited for the decision/offer to the awesome congratulatory messages, flowers, “you go girl “and “black girl magic” texts, to the cards, journals and Office gifts the sisterhood came through big time! I am grateful, excited and confident that I have the goodwill and support of so many.  Sisterhood means supporting each other, celebrating successes big and small, encouraging one another, being a listening ear, and nudging your sister in the right direction. It’s making your friend/coworker/Sister feel special when she accomplishes a goal. 

To the sisterhood I say a big THANK YOU!. 

I know the power of sisterhood and I will pay it forward. So, get that promotion, write that book, finish that marathon, get that raise, complete that degree, take that plunge, start that business, accomplish that goal that YOU set for yourself. Know that you can do it and when you do, we ( the sisterhood) will be there to support you and cheer like crazy!!!  

You’ve got this 💪🏿

Toyin  #sisterhood  

Sisterhood  Persistence Awareness  Recognition Empowerment. 

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